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    Shell Pasta with Mushroom and Onion


    This simple and fast dish is perfect for a light meal or side dish. I had some mushrooms and onions leftover from diner the other night and wanted to use them. I had a taste for a pasta dish and came up with this.

    You will need:
    Mushrooms – approximately one cup/serving
    Sweet Onion – approximately one cup/serving
    Olive Oil – approximately two tsp/serving
    Tomato Paste – approximately one tsp/serving
    Oregano Pesto or Fresh Oregano chopped with olive oil to form a paste – approximately 1 tsp/serving
    Garlic – approximately one clove/serving
    Shell Pasta

    Prepare pasta according to package directions. In the mean time medium dice mushrooms and onion and puree garlic. In a sauté pan large enough to hold mixture heat olive oil until hot, add mushroom, onion and garlic and sauté until onions become translucent. Make a small clear area in the pan and add the tomato paste and pesto/oregano and sauté a few minutes then combine all elements. Salt and pepper to taste. When pasta is cooked drain well and return to pot add mushroom mixture and heat through.

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