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    Pork with Pomegranate Glacé

    Over the holidays I had an excess of pomegranate, and not wanting to waste them, I separated the seeds and froze them in a zip log bag. I knew that I would be looking for something different and just recently came up with this quick dish. Additionally, I had purchased a large quantity of pork loin cut into steaks, it was a deal, price wise, so I just couldn’t pass them up. You can substitute pork chops very easily.

    You will need:
    Pork Loin Steak – approx. 6 oz./serving
    Olive oil
    Fresh ground pepper
    Kosher or Sea Salt
    Pomegranate Seeds – approx. 1 TBSP/serving
    Pomegranate juice – approx. 2 TBSP/serving (I used POM brand)
    Beef stock – approx. 2 TBSP/serving
    Unsalted butter – approx. 1/4 TBSP/serving

    Prepare the pork – heat a sauté pan (oven-proof, not non-stick) over medium high heat, brush both sides of pork with olive oil, salt and pepper to taste (it is OK to be generous here). Sear pork to get a nice rich color on both sides, put into a pre-heated 350 degree F oven to finish (cook until temperature is 140 degrees)

    For Glacé – when pork is finished remove from sauté pan, keep warm by covering it with aluminum foil. Deglaze the pan with pomegranate juice scrapping up the fond. When juice starts to thicken add beef stock, pomegranate seeds and butter. Heat through until butter is emulsified into the sauce, pour over pork and serve. If you don’t have the pomegranate seeds diced dried cherries will work. Enjoy!

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