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Chorizo Beef Burger

I love chorizo to be more specific the fresh Mexican style. I decided I wanted some with eggs one morning so I purchased enough to breakfast with a little left for another meal. I began to think of other ways to use it that are not typical in any cuisine. Additionally, I had a taste for a good home made burger and a light went off, how about using the chorizo with some beef and away I went. I usually grind my own meat for burgers using my trusty Cuisinart so when I purchased the chorizo I also bought some sirloin which is my staple for burgers. Here is a quick burger that I think you’ll love.

You will need:

Sirloin Steak – approximately 3/4 pound/2 servings.
Fresh Chorizo – try to get bulk sausage if you can find it at your butcher buy links and remove from casing – approximately 1/4 pound/2 servings.

Cut the sirloin into 1 inch pieces, place in your food processor with the chorizo, pulse just long enough to grind up the sirloin. Carefully remove from the mixture and gently form into 2 patties. You won’t need to add any additional fat since the sausage will have a sufficient amount. In a sauté pan large enough to hold the patties add approximately 1 TBSP of olive oil, heat the oil to shimmering reduce the heat to low and slowly add the burgers. Sauté on each side approximately 5 minutes, the patties will be loose so make sure you don’t peek or try to move them until the time limit has been reached. If you want once you turn them over you can add a slice of Jack Cheese for a great cheeseburger. Enjoy!

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