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    Chorizo Hash

    I love Chorizo both Mexican and Spanish the Mexican version is used for this recipe. I developed the recipe after chatting with a lady from Supremo who was doing a demonstration using their sausage. Try this with your next breakfast egg dish.

    You will need:

    One 12 oz. package Supremo Chorizo
    One medium green pepper (diced)
    One medium onion (diced)
    One large potato (diced)

    Remove the casing on the chorizo and add to a saute pan, start at medium heat and as the sausage starts to brown, using a potato masher, break up the sausage and continue cooking. As it browns add the diced onion and pepper and continue cooking. In the interim in a second saute pan add some olive oil and brink to medium heat, add the diced potato and cook until slightly browned. Combine the potato with the chorizo mixture and continue cooking until potato is cooked all the way through. It’s a simple hash that works well with any egg dish. Enjoy!

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