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Three Pork Chop

It’s been a while since I’ve come up with something new and to be honest I got burned out a little with trying to come up with new or at least refashioned recipes. This one is pretty much not a recipe as it is an assembly.

Not much to do except for buying the product, putting it together, cooking it and the chowing down. This is for one serving easy to expand.

You will need:
6oz. Loin Pork Chop
Ham – sliced thin. One or two slices enough to cover chop.
Bacon – two or three slices enough to cover the chop.
Sage – fresh leaves one for each chop should do.
Salt and Pepper to taste.
Olive oil for frying

On a cutting board lay the strips of bacon relatively close to each other. Top with a leaf or two of sage then lay the ham on top of the bacon then the chop.

Wrap the ham and bacon around the chop. The side showing now will be placed first into the saute pay so it helps seal the bacon around the chop. Heat the oil until it shimmers carefully place the chops on both sides until the bacon is done. Viola, 3 pork chops. Enjoy.

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