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Having worked in professional kitchens for over a decade I decided to concentrate on the things I love best, creating, teaching and sharing. “Let’s Eat!” Ltd was started in 2001 as a fulfillment of a dream. Although not “classically” trained I’ve been involved with food preparation for many decades, starting very young. I turned to catering for the sheer pleasure of seeing the look of satisfaction on clients faces as they enjoyed items I had prepared. My love for teaching the art created my in-home cooking class business and has been a rewarding and successful venture. The recipes you will find here are for the most part my creations. I will admit that there are a few that are my interpretation of popular fare. I hope that you enjoy my site and and thanks for visiting.

I’ve recently rediscovered almost 50 years worth of recipes garnered by my dear departed mother from various print media. I will start to make them available to my readers as time allows and I will give credit where credit is due where possible.

Thank you for visiting “Let’s Eat!” take your time and browse around. Unless otherwise stated all “recipes” are original and tested to ensure a great dining experience. The videos that appear here are from highly regarded sources and have been chosen randomly. Our “services” page will give you information about us and what we can do for you.

“Let’s Eat!” now accepting Credit Cards.

Summer is here we have seasonal recipes ready. Make sure you visit us often for great recipes and check out our links they all are offering some great items for the Gourmet/Gourmand in all of us.

Please check out our products page for new items we are offering for sale.

We’ve also added a new Specialty Products page providing information on manufacturers of GMO/GE Free, Organic/Natural or Gluten Free items. Please take time to visit the page and the links provided. Support them as much as you can. We do not receive any compensation from them however we have not tested any of them so we cannot comment on them.

If you or someone you know would like to learn or improve on culinary skills please see what we offer in our cooking classes link.

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