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    Catering Menu

    Here is a sampling of what we offer.


    Sesame Ahi Tuna Tartare on Belgian Endive Spoons – $1.00/serving.
    Whitefish/Cucumber Ceviche – $.75/serving.
    Cajun Shrimp – $.75/serving.
    Scallop in Proscuitto Cup – $1.00/serving.
    Salmon Mousse in Cucumber Cup – $.75/serving

    Liver Paté on Rye Toast – $.50/serving
    Chorizo Stuffed Baby Potato – $.50/serving
    Smoked Ham Salad w/wheat cracker – $.50/serving
    Bacon wrapped/almond stuffed dates – $.50/serving.

    Beef Filet w/horseradish aoli – $1.00/each
    Tomato, Basil and Mozzarella – $.75/each

    When planning an event one is never sure how many appetizers/canapés to order.

    If the event will last no more than a couple of hours and will be followed by dinner, seven pieces should be sufficient for each person.

    When the reception is early, let’s say right after office hours, people will be hungry, ten to twelve pieces per person should last until dinner time.

    If the event starts later and will not be followed by dinner then 15 to 20 pieces per person should work.

    We specialize in smaller gatherings but if you need help with larger events we are happy to assist with planning and staffing for all your needs.

    All of our offerings use the freshest ingredients available. If any particular item is not readily available from our sources we reserve the right to make changes that will not affect the quality or taste of the item.

    *Servings indicated follow this simple formula. All servings are considered the same as “each piece” except for certain salads and spreads where serving is the same as “one ounce”.

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