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    We are a Specialty Sauce company, from California, with two collections of all-natural gourmet sauces: the Taste of Paradise collection and the American Classic Texan BBQ collection.

    The Taste of Par­a­dise collection makes meals easy. These four award-winning sauces are combine the love of food and travel: Bora Bora (a sweet/spicy grill sauce), Maya Bay (Thai flavors), Baja (Mexican flavors), and Kyoto (ginger-teriyaki marinade). These sauces can be used right out of the bottle, hot or cold. Marinade, baste, drizzle, cook or add to any dish. Lots of recipes are on the website to inspire you!

    The Texan BBQ collection is comprised of two award-winning sauces. These are authentic Texan BBQ recipes, using honey and maple syrup to sweeten things up. Each flavor has a devout following, whether you choose the milder Rich & Mild flavor or the spicier Chipotle-Maple flavor! We also sell Savu smoker bags for great smoking year round! Shipping is free when you spend $50 or more.

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