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Apple Pie Filing

While I call this recipe a filing it can also be used warm for a topping for a good vanilla ice cream. I was shopping at my local farmer’s market not knowing, as usual, what I was going to purchase. I came upon a stall selling fruit and spied several varieties of apples. Most recipes for pie filling tell you to use only a firm fruit such as Granny Smith however I like using varieties that break down when baked along with the firmer Granny.

This recipe will produce enough filing for one 9″ pie.

You will need:
Apples &#151 5 medium sized.
Cinnamon Stick &#151 1
Honey &#151 3 TBSP
Sea Salt &#151 1 tsp
Lemon Zest &#151 1 TBSP
Unsalted Butter &#151 3 TBSP

The biggest difference for this filling is that it is precooked prior to filing your pie shell. By pre cooking it you can control the amount of moisture exuded from the apples giving a firmer final product. Peel, core and cut apples into 6 to 8 pieces. In a sauté pan large enough to hold all of the fruit melt the butter using a medium heat setting. Add the apples, cinnamon stick, salt, honey and lemon zest. Cover the pan and let simmer for approximately 20 minutes, after 20 minutes check to see whether the apples are soft enough.

Continue cooking the apples, uncovered until all of the liquid has evaporated and the apples start to caramelize. Once you get a nice caramelization remove from heat and let cool completely. Once cooled you can use your favorite pie crust, I cheated here and used a store bought, then bake the pie until the crust is baked thoroughly. Mine took about 30 minutes.


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