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    I’ve always loved a good egg salad either in a sandwich or as a stuffing for fresh tomatoes. I also love the taste of a good salty olive whether as a stand alone item or in a tapenade. I wanted to see if a combination of the two would work out to become a new favorite and since I had all the ingredients that I thought to use I began creating this rather tasty dish.

    This recipe makes one good size sandwich or will stuff two medium tomatoes and it’s scalable up to any quantity you want.

    You will need:
    Eggs – two/serving – hard boiled.
    Sicilian Olives – approximately 10/serving – finely diced, you can substitute other small to medium sized olives however the Sicilian style packed in oil adds a little kick.
    Red Onion – approximately 1 TBSP/serving – finely diced
    Yellow Mustard – approximately 1 TBSP/serving
    Mayonaise – approximately 3 TBSP/serving – I use Hellman’s or Best Brand – you can use homemade of course
    Sea Salt/Pepper – to taste – or if you are adventurous use one anchovy filet mashed.
    Sun Dried Tomato – approximately 3/serving – dry packed works best but those packed in oil can be used just wipe off any excess oil –

    In a pot large enough to hold the eggs without crowding fill with cold water to about 1 inch above the eggs cook at medium high for 20 minutes. I’ve found that this method of making hard boiled eggs works perfectly every time, you won’t get that ugly green circle around the yolk.

    When the eggs are cooked immediately drain the hot water and run cold water over the eggs. Drain the eggs and shake the pot to slightly crack the eggs, refill with cold water and let stand until they are completely cooled. Meanwhile dice the onion and tomato and if using mash the anchovy and combine. Chop the eggs into about 1/4 inch dice and add to the onion/tomato mixture add the mustard and mayonaise then season with pepper to taste. Enjoy!

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