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    I had been wanting to come up with a good tuna tartare for some time now. I imagined all sorts of ingredients that would compliment yet not over power a quality piece of seafood. Hopefully you know by now that I do have a strong inclination to go sweet and hot (spicey) so thought to use the balance of my stash of Peppadew Peppers along with some spicier peppers creating a gardiniera of sorts.

    For the Tartare:

    Sushi Grade Tuna – I used 1/4 LB. which is enough to fill on medium sized endive which should provide approximately 12 pieces. For purposes of this recipe please consider 1 serving being 12 pieces.
    Fresh Endive – 1 medium sized/12 servings
    One small red onion – I found one about the size of a golf ball so judge accordingly.
    Fresh Orange Juice – approximately 1 TBSP/serving
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil – approximately 1 TBSP/serving
    Sea Salt/Pepper – to taste.

    For the Gardiniera:

    Peppadew Pepper – 6 to 8 each
    Shallot: – one medium clove
    Celery:– one stalk
    Vinegar: – approximately one or two TBSP depending on your taste for sour
    Sugar: – approximately one or two tsp depending on your taste for sweet
    Habanero Pepper: – one or two depending on your level of heat tolerance – I used yellow ones here to provide a color contrast
    Jalapeno Pepper: – one or two depending on your level of hear tolerance – the green adds an additional color contrast element
    Sea Salt/Pepper: – to taste

    In a non reactive bowl start the gardiniera. Finely dice all of the ingredients to about 1/8″ dice. Combine all the elements mixing well.

    Prepare the tartare. Cut the tuna into 1/4″ dice. Cut the remaining elements into 1/8″ dice. Add the juice and mix well, chill for 30 minutes. Remove the stem end of the endive and carefully remove all of the leaves creating the spoons.

    Combine the tuna tartare with as much of the gardiniera you desire. Put approximately one TBSP of the mixture onto each endive leaf. Serve immediately.

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